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09 March 2009

‘NWO Middelgroot' Grant for Prof. dr. Beate Völker

Prof. Dr. Beate Völker has been awarded a ‘NWO Middelgroot' grant for her research proposal 'The Dutch Neighbourhood and Network Monitor: causes and consequences of neighborhood social and physical order for private and corporate actors, their networks, and their life chances'. read more >
20 January 2009

International Francqui Chair for Tom Snijders

Tom Snijders (Nuffield College, Oxford UK / ICS Groningen) has been awarded the International Francqui Chair 2008-2009 at the 'Katholieke Universiteit Leuven' in Belgium. read more >
09 January 2009

Vici Grant Paul Nieuwbeerta:
(Un)intended consequences of imprisonment

Professor Paul Nieuwbeerta (ICS/UU) acquired a prestigeous NWO Vici Grant for his proposal: (Un)intended consequences of imprisonment. Imprisonment is currently the most severe sanction meted out in the criminal justice systems of European nations. Despite its manifest importance in crime prevention, there is surprisingly little knowledge on the (collateral) effects of imprisonment. read more >
06 December 2008

SAGE award for the best article published in the journal European Union Politics for 2007

Jelmer Schalk (PhD ICS Utrecht), René Torenvlied (ICS Utrecht) and Jeroen Weesie (ICS Utrecht) have won, together with Frans Stokman (ICS Groningen), the SAGE award for the best article published in the journal European Union Politics for 2007. read more >
06 December 2008

Lieke ten Brummelhuis won Andre Bussing Memorial Prize 2008

Lieke ten Brummelhuis (PhD ICS/Sociology Utrecht, yeargourp 2005) has won the Andre Bussing Memorial Prize 2008. The Andre Bussing Memorial Prize is awarded bi-annually to a young researcher (< 30 years), showing high research quality and at the start of a promising career. read more >
06 December 2008

Michael Mäs won "best poster award"

Michael Mäs (ICS Ph.D. student) won a "best poster award" (1000 CHF) at the "International Workshop on Challenges and Visions in the Social Sciences" (Augustus 18-23, 2008, ETH Zürich) for his poster titled "What on earth must we assume ... to explain increasing opinion differences between subgroups without assuming negative influence" (Co-authored by Andreas Flache and Hanne Visser).
06 December 2008

Article: The Spreading of Disorder

Kees Keizer, Siegwart Lindenberg and Linda Steg have published an article in the prestigious journal Science entitled: The Spreading of Disorder. For more information about this article, click here.
28 November 2008

ERC Advanced Grant for Marco van Leeuwen

Marco van Leeuwen, professor at the James Coleman Chair at ICS Utrecht, acquired an ERC Advanced Grant for his proposal: ‘Towards Open Societies? Trends, Variations and Driving Forces of Intergenerational Social Mobility in Europe over the Past Three Centuries'. read more >
28 November 2008

Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences (QMSS2) Summer School

'Introduction to event history analysis with a special focus oncross-national comparisons', Paris, France, 18-26 August 2009. Instructors: Hans-Peter Blossfeld and Melinda Mills, Guest Speakers: Fiona Steele, Louis-André Vallet and Jeroen Vermunt, Assistants: Katia Begall and Nicoletta Balbo. read more >
28 November 2008

Master Class Anthony Heath

On May 11-12, 2009, Anthony Heath from Nuffield College, Oxford UK, will come to Groningen, The Netherlands, for a Master Class for the ICS PhD students of yeargroup 2007. read more >