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PhD students

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Nynke Niezink

Location: RuG
Yeargroup: 2012


Co-evolution of social networks and real-valued actor attributes

Dynamics of social networks and individual attributes of the actors constituting these networks often are interdependent: friends may influence each others' health behavior, performance of organizations may be influenced by organizations with whom they collaborate. A statistical model to investigate this co-evolution of networks and individual attributes is the stochastic actor-oriented model. Currently, the dependent attribute variables in this model are assumed to be measured on an ordinal categorical scale. In this project, we will do away with this assumption. We will extend the stochastic actor-oriented model for the analysis of continuous dependent attributes using stochastic differential equation models, hereby greatly enhancing its applicability.

Tom Snijders (RUG; University of Oxford), Marijtje van Duijn (RUG), Christian Steglich (RUG)

Research Subjects:
statistics, social networks